I really enjoyed the learning process. I enjoyed the coding and being able to program so much of what I wanted my students to see and the way I wanted them to see it.



This class was very informative. I learned about several different types of activities that I can make and use in my classes. While at first the material seemed overwhelming, I was quickly making my own games, activities, and challenge sets. I used the class to create products that I can use in my classes right away. I think that anyone interested in learning about the capabilities of Geogebra would enjoy this class. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in a fun way of mixing in interactive activities into their instruction. Thanks so much for a fun, engaging class!



"I enjoyed it, but felt that it was a little more in depth and not as 'introductory' as I was expecting." -Leann


"The information was very helpful and the videos were easy to follow. The pace of the class was also very doable and didn't feel overwhelming at all. Matt is incredibly responsive to emails and always got back to me within the day." - Hannah


"Overall, I learned many more uses and tools than I knew about." - Sam


"It was informative." - Kathleen