Individualized Consultations

This course is the briefest course in the history of man.

Course Procedures:

1. You have a question about Geogebra OR are having difficulty completing something that you are working on and would like someone to take a look at it.
2. You enroll in this course.
3. You send your question or a description of the problem you are having (with Geogebra Applet attached) to: [email protected]
4. One of our Instructors will take a look at the email and get back to you ASAP.
5. If the question is something that can be answered in a 2 minute video (or less) we will create one and send it to you ASAP. If the question is something that one of our courses would more thoroughly answer we will send to you a recommendation to take that class.

Your Instructor

Matthew Krebs
Matthew Krebs

I am a high school math teacher of almost 20 years experience who was introduced to the Geogebra Application about ten years ago. I had always wanted to make my curriculum more dynamic but up to that point never knew how. To that point in my career, all of my curriculum involved static images. So when I learned to use the Geogebra application, Curriculum Development became exciting. I thought with excitement --Is it possible to do this?! --I wonder if you could do that?! I was (and am) convinced that a dynamic creation which allows for manipulation of geometric figures and provides automatic feedback is superior to one that doesn't. As a long time Special Needs teacher I started off by creating Dynamic Demonstrations and then realised that Games would be a great way for students to practice skills. Over the past few years, (in my work with Regular Ed. & Honours level students) I have seen how Geogebra can easily challenge students with their logic and reasoning, with their ability to create/construct and with their ability to problem solve. Besides improving the curriculum, the program has made me a better teacher as it has helped me to see the content in new ways. The questions I ask are now more complex than they ever were before. I am convinced that jumping in to learn the Geogebra Application was the smartest move I ever made as a teacher and I am excited by the opportunity to help other teachers learn the program.

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