LearnGeogebra.com welcomes teachers from Pennsylvania!

If you are a teacher in the State of Pennsylvania there are two possible ways to put LearnGeogebra.com courses towards your hours requirement for recertification.

1. You can decide to take LearnGeogebra.com courses for Graduate Credits from one of our University Partners.

After successful completion of a course that you were taking for Graduate Credits you will get a LearnGeogebra.com Certificate of Completion AND you will be able to get a transcript from the University Partner that you took the course from.

2. You can decide to take LearnGeogebra.com courses and get them approved for Professional Development clock hours. It is recommended that you get the course you would like to take pre-approved prior to signing up and paying for LearnGeogebra.com courses.

Below are conservative estimates for how much time each course should take – and how much time you might consider applying for in the Pre-Approval process:

Expanding the Curriculum with the Geogebra Application --- 45 hours

Getting Started with the Geogebra Application --- 15 hours

Dynamic Usages of the Geogebra Application 45 hours

The PDF’s in the links may be used to help in the Pre-Approval process.

After successful completion of the course you will receive a LearnGeogebra.com Certificate of Completion which documents your accomplishment – noting the number of hours you worked.

Prior to registering for any of these courses, make sure that you will get credit from your District for completing the course and be sure to follow any pre-approval requirements of your School District.

For more information visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education's FAQ's, or please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education at www.education.state.pa.us or 717-772-4944.